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Let’s just say that in the second one, I’m not focusing on his smile.

And guess who he’s looking at.

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I’m using this picture the next time an anon accuses me of hating Jensen.

supermishamiga said:

Shh we’ll just watch for cockles and imagine the angsty sex against trailer door after the scene! ;)

sebstantialcrisis said: 
nahh you’ll get back. get excited. wall sex mhmmmm
So we’re in agreement that any and all Dean/Cas scenes will result in desperate trailer sex?

supermishamiga said:

Elizabeth no!! ;__; don’t get me excited :’) btw, I’m assuming they have a fight cause Cas is beaten up?? *already imagining all the up-against-a-wall scenarios oops*

omg Anja don’t you get me excited!  I can’t take another alley scene!!  Not now that I’ve moved on from trying to see Destiel in the show.  I mean that alley scene is what made me ship them in the first place.

*shakes fist* Damn you, Carver!!

But oh dear—it’s the third episode—does that mean the Disaster Duo wrote it?  Pretty sure the fight scene will end with them going, “So this fight sucked.  But hey, remember that reaper you fucked?  H-O-T! Amirite?”

So here we have “sparks and insinuation” regarding Cas and a love interest at the beginning of the season.  And he also said Hannah was in the beginning of the season.  Maybe there will be mild Hanstiel after all.

Also, Misha talks about hopefully getting to direct “next season” like S11 is a given.  fml


Misha said that in the episode Jensen directs that a lot of the stuff that he shot, Jensen was in as well!  So, Cas and Dean do meet in at least episode 3.


Why do I care about this show?

Oh, that’s right.  Because we’ll get to see how Jensen directed Cas and Dean to be together.  :D