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oh i know frasier ,i go to bed watching an ep of it overnights marcel is the black hot guy ,i love him.i think the reason i love the original so much is because i absolutely love the original family,am actually glad blood line failed so we get kol

lol silver linings, right? Guess you’re lucky Secret Circle failed too. ^_~

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But I LOVE your sarcasm! :-D

Well, thank you.  I lose about 2-6 followers after every snarky post—so you might be the only one.  Ha ha.

one of the best spin off cw did was the originals which is a spin off of tvd,they took an entire family from tvd,they since added on many other characters .

Yes, I watch TVD and I tried to watch The Originals. I liked the original character…Marcel? Is that the cute black guy’s name? But I couldn’t get into it.
It’s really hard for spin offs to be successful, but they can be even with only one character. It’s probably too old of a reference for you, but Fraser, a spin off of Cheers, was hilarious—but also extremely different in format and tone from the original. A different world survived the spin off character leaving after the first season. Ha ha. Stargate SG1 had two spin offs that were okay. So spin offs can work, but they have to be DIFFERENT you know. Something new. And there has to be a known character from the original show. I mean, the SPN spin off took all new characters and stuck them in a rehash of the TVD and The Originals. Bloodlines was dead before it was even born.

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HI Elizabeth! I love reading your POVs and I would be missing your presence on Tumbler from October 6th then. :-(

Nah. Y’all will be able to breathe a sarcasm-free breath of air.  ^_^

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While I agree with you, I really liked some parts of episodes that aren't Heaven Can't Wait [the best one]. The 'us or him' and 'in love with humanity' scenes from Stairway to Heaven, the 'all about saving one human' monologue from Do You Believe in Miracles. Yes, I do realize it's more or less queer-baiting but my sad little shipper's heart was happy for a second there. And I actually want some more Cas scenes. I know they already fucked up his character but I enjoy Misha's acting so much.

I don’t think liking parts of an episode makes for a good season, you know?  Also, the “us or them” was kind of like…”are we going to kill off our main character three episodes before the finally or not?”  It’s like…so what?  It wasn’t a charged scene—there was no drama in it.  And Cas has chosen Dean a thousand times before.  I found myself just annoyed that they made him hesitate so long and cut from all the characters’ faces like oh gosh what will happen?  If Cas had immediately said, “I choose Dean.  Why would you even ask?  Are you new?” I’d have been happier.

Well, I’m not watching the show…so, I guess that’s why I don’t mind Misha getting paid to hang out and work on his tan.

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wow i just read your spin off post,what a wasted potential,i cant get over it (Ben Braeden,krissy,Claire with the mother figure of Jodie mills).but am sure this scenario did not even occur to them because of their view of women.i loved the idea of the new generation hunters that they introduced with krissy group,they could have built on that,instead of having a network of hunters the new generation would have created a network of victim,so victim of spn are kept in contact with people who

with people who have had similar experience and they can have people to talk to The hunters do the hunting and they pass the victims to Jodie who then connect the victim with people who will give them the help they need to deal with what they have gone through Instead of the Winchester way where they kill the spn and leave the victim to some how just move on I mean how do you just survive a demon possession? Its not like they can seek therapy Or talk to they priest Or friends about it

I don’t think I would put Krissy in my spin off.  She was okay, but if I have to bring those other two actors along…they couldn’t act.  I also don’t think I would include Sheriff Mills.  While I like Kim Rhodes I”m not a huge fan of her acting skills.  Also, you don’t want a spin off to be all characters you know.  You need new ones.

Well, they don’t worry about people surviving demon possessions anymore.  They just kill them—meatsuit and all.

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whilst there were quite a lot of questionable things in s9, i feel like there were also some good episodes that i genuinely enjoyed. Robbie Thompson is someone who actually likes cas (he may not be edlund but he does care for the character) and idk, i feel like they're actually listening to the audience by adding such great female roles. ahh idk im nervous but cant help feeling optimistic

Then you should feel optimistic.  I mean, I’m not even sure the show could get worse.  So, it could only get better, or at least stay the same.

I will be abandoning this blog starting next Tuesday morning and will not be back until the winter hiatus…well, Oct. 26 when I post my DCBB.

My fingers will be crossed for you.  As for me—there was one episode out of 23 I would watch again for actual entertainment (“Heaven Can’t Wait”). And there were four others I might willingly watch again if I had nothing else to do.  The other 18 were either boring, terrible, or offensive.  So…sorry, I can’t defend S9 for anything.  I think I would watch S2 of Lost again before I would watch S9 Supernatural in it’s entirety.  I would watch any season of a CSI/NCIS even though I despise those shows because the science is sooooooooooooooooooo wrong.

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Jim Michaels, Robbie Thompson, and Misha have all said pretty recently that Jimmy is capital D dead. (I disagree about wanting Cas to be in it as little as possible, because while the writers don't always.. you know, write him well, I wouldn't want that to happen to Misha.)

Why do you think that would stop any writer from fucking with canon?  Adam Glass said he doesn’t care about the minutiae.  Please don’t think because one person shows rationality that that means they will stop being lazy fucks.  Season 9 isn’t just the worst season of Supernatural, it’s an example of terrible television period.

After being snubbed for the 200th episode, what worse can they really do to him?  He’s fine.  He has options.  Besides, even if he’s not in the episodes a lot, he’s still getting paid.

"I always have a beard between jobs. I just let it grow until they pay me to shave it."

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