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Write a fic where Jensen has a big penis and acts intelligent and your preference for him is so clear you might as well be writing J2 fanfiction.

but really some of the hate you got for your fics is so ridiculous, I just wanna smash that person’s head in the wall.

(and I like your headcanon about Jensen’s penis haha)

oh, and I’ve been reading Off the Reservation recently, and oh god I love it! I should learn my lesson that your fics are gold, AU or Canon :’D But I realized I won’t be able to look in their eyes when I meet them ;__;

Okay one: this post was blocked on my dash because of my own sentence.  That’s kind of funny.  Ha

Two: Is it really a headcanon? I mean…we’ve all see Jensen through his pants and if that’s how big he is flaccid…I feel like we all know he’s got a giant, monster cock

Three: why thank you for the compliments

Four: That was actually a combination of two haters.  One of them’s name starts with a…well, never mind…and she was actually ticked off that I made Jensen “intelligent” because Misha is her to die for fav.

Five: I had written all that stuff and met them in person. Talked to them directly, looked them in the eyes.  If I can do it and I wrote it, you’ll be fine.  For one thing…who they are in real life really is so far disconnected from fanfiction that they’re practically unrelated. At least, that’s the way I felt.


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the anti vaccination movement basically consists of random people with no knowledge of medicine going “I can medicine better than doctors” and it would be hilarious if it wasn’t literally killing people

you dont need vaccines, I havent had any and Im still doing great

wow, what a compelling argument. you’ve got me

in other news, i am still alive therefore death must be a myth

Dear excessivecompulsive: It’s called Herd Immunity—and you are a colossal dick.

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I’m all for that, anon!!! ♥

let’s do it!!

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I'm imagining Jensen's hands on Misha's toned thighs and Misha's hands on Jensen's broad shoulders.

Yeah, I’ve done that before.

(X) (X)

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You always give the most level headed answers and hence I am coming to you. In my mind Misha's close friendship with Daneel and Jason Mann makes Jensen value Misha that much more. Daneel is his wife and Jason Mann is one of his closest friends and they both adore Misha as well. I am sure for Jensen people close to him also loving Misha makes him even more happy. No? Am I making any sense. :-(

I think loyalty is one of Jensen’s strongest traits.  I think that even if he had an attraction to someone and got along with him really well and enjoyed his company immensely—if his closest friends—Jared, Jason, etc—and his wife didn’t like the person…he would probably distance himself from that person.

I would think that Jensen would see his friends and family not only liking Misha, but also getting drawn in by him—Jason went to Haiti and Danneel made the TSA shorts—as validation of his strong affection for Misha.

So, I think you are making sense, and I agree.  ^_^

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OMG. misha's new look. good luck to jensen.

Good luck to Jensen?  More like Screw you to Jensen.

It’s not fair that he gets to have that.

I’m so jealous of Jensen right now.

Kind of makes me happy he’s stuck on a mountain with Jared and can’t get to his honey bear.

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Hello there. This is an automated emergency "Misha fucking Collins did some crazy shit again and caused everyone to fucking die again" crisis control hug. *hugs tightly* Please pass this on to ten people on your dash so we can all make it through this shit storm.